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Lea helped me sort and organize a spare bedroom that had become the “Put That in There” Room. It was a mix of my late mother's “stuff” that I couldn’t make a decision on and my adult daughter's college leftovers. She asked me insightful questions that made me come to some conclusions myself where I could finally get rid of stuff that I realized I wasn’t that sentimental about. She did the heavy lifting and also took a ton of donation stuff away with her, allowing me to not have to do it! Highly recommend her services! Sometimes you just need a nudge to get started!


Oklahoma City, OK

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After moving into a new home I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the daunting task of unpacking my voluminous library -- previously it had been a messy, overflowing jumble, and relocating forced me to address it. ... I was convinced there was no way we'd fit it all in the shelves I had. Lea sat down with me and discussed my needs and objectives, proposed an organization strategy, and was flexible when I had suggestions of my own. 


She genuinely cared about my "stuff" as if it were her own and followed through to ensure I was satisfied with the end result. In fact I was so pleased that when I moved again I took photos of everything so I could recreate the arrangement in my new house! Lea really helps you to enjoy what you have and not dread it, and your life is so much saner when she's worked her magic.


Fairfax, VA

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After every visit, my life got easier because my surroundings were more manageable. We experimented and we adjusted. Ever flexible and responsive, Lea did not get attached to a certain way of organizing items. She observed how strategies worked over a week's time and modified approaches to better fit my routines and realities. Lea is intuitive and warm.


One challenge I had was getting my daughter more comfortable with being in her room alone at night, or at all, really. Lea took the perspective of my anxious child and recommended approaches that involved color, texture, lighting, and sound. It worked!


Lea is nonjudgmental and downright playful. Even if she weren't providing an invaluable service in her own special way, she's a joy to have in the house. Optimistic, talented, fun. You can't go wrong.


Reston, VA

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