How Does Virtual Organizing Work?

When I tell people I do virtual organizing, I get a lot of follow-up questions. "So can you fix my computer?" No, but I can help you tame your inbox. "Wait, so can you organize physical stuff without being there in person?" Yes! With minimal tech tools (phone, email, some kind of picture sharing) it can be done virtually anywhere. Virtual organizing isn't for everyone, but for those who can do the physical sorting it's an effective tool that allows you to get stuff done and practice building good habits.

Who can use virtual organizing?

Virtual organizing works great for people who are really busy and simply don’t have time for the minimum three hours required for an in-person organizing session. With a one-hour phone call and some smaller chunks of time on your own, you can see the same solid progress as with an in-person session. I’ve seen people find success in cranking some tunes and setting a timer for 30-45 minutes after we talk, sometimes even doing it again later in the week.

It’s also great for motivated DIYers who are willing to do the work but need a little help with where to start or how to overcome a particular challenge when organizing a space. Sometimes you just need an objective point of view, and virtual organizing is a great way to get that extra input from someone who will make the project seem less scary and keep you on track.

Do you want the peace of mind of living in an organized home, but don’t think you have it in your budget to hire a pro? Guess what? Virtual organizing is a great way for people to get that professional expertise without spending as much money. With a one-hour minimum for virtual instead of three hours for in-person organizing, it’s that little nudge some people need to get the project moving but easier on the wallet and schedule.

The virtual organizing process

Like any other virtual service, virtual organizing is done remotely, which means I’m not in the same physical location as you and your stuff. This means we can be in different time zones, wear pajamas, and still get stuff done! There are a couple different tools we can use in the process, like photos or video, video chat, email, and text messaging.

Most of the time, my virtual organizing clients will take pictures of their space and upload them for me to review online. Then we’ll have a one-hour phone call to talk through their goals for the space and the challenges they’re facing in getting (or keeping it) organized. There are lots of options out there for picture/video sharing so it's easy to find a setup that feels good.

I use a session summary document to note what we talked about and the solutions we come up with for each challenge. It’s broken down into manageable steps

that my clients can then work on in between our virtual sessions and keep track of their progress.

Based on our conversation and the session summary, my clients go to work on their space in the time they have available. When it’s time for our next virtual session, they send me updated photos to review, and we continue through the process until they’ve reached what “done” looks like to them.

Not sure if virtual organizing is right for you? Hit me up to discuss your needs during a free 30-minute phone consultation.

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