Seasonal Wardrobe or Year-Round Wardrobe?

With Spring officially here, I want to wear my fun flowy clothes and set aside my heavy layers. Lots of folks change out their wardrobe by warm and cold seasons. It can seem daunting to pull out everything from one season, fold and hang the clothes, and put away the other season but it doesn't need to be a drag. I wrote about this last year, but it's worth revisiting (much like our clothes). Here are two ways to deal with a seasonal wardrobe:

1. Just don't do the change-out. Pare down all your clothes so they fit in whatever closet and dresser you have. This way everything is accessible regardless of time of year, or crazy weather fluctuations, or travel plans. You know what clothes you have and can grab the right piece when you need it. This is my own personal method, but it takes practice. I have a "donate" bag (or four) that I use for the clothes that just don't fit right anymore or the ones I keep passing over in favor of my more fun items. Turn your hangers around so the hook is facing you. After you wear an item, put it back on the hanger the right way around. In a year, you'll have gone through the spectrum of seasonal changes and any clothes that are still on hangers facing the wrong way go into the "donate" bag. Bam!

2. Have a fashion show! This is what my mom would do with me and my sister growing up. It was a fun family activity we looked forward to and it didn't feel like a chore. We'd pull down the box of off-season clothes and try on what we liked. We had a "keep" pile, "donate" pile, and "maybe" pile. Anything that still fit and that we really liked went to "keep". Anything that didn't went to "donate". As for the "maybe" pile, we visited it again after we finished with the "keep" and "donate" piles. Knowing what we truly liked and didn't like, as well as how much space we had left, helped us decide which way the "maybe" clothes would go. We'd put our off-season clothes into the bin and back up into the closet to have another fashion show next season. Put on some fun jams and make it a family affair! Wear your favorite new-season outfit the next day to celebrate. Fabulous!

Which method do you prefer? Comment and share your successes and struggles.

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