Drowned in Sunlight, Strangled by Bras

The late, beloved Carrie Fisher said she wanted her death to be reported that she drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. Today I thought of her as I felt drowned in the summer sunlight, strangled by 30 boxes of bras.

Dress For Success Oklahoma City received 30 boxes of Vanity Fair bras in varying sizes about three weeks ago. Just yesterday I got to organize them. They had been sitting in the back hallway, making it an even narrower pathway than it already is.

30 boxes of bras in a narrow hallway

Daunted by such a large task, nobody wanted to get started. How do you sort this much stuff at once? And where does it all go? Well, you take it one box at a time. I used existing tables arranged in an open area to sort the bras by size as I went through each box. Sizes were split among many boxes, so each and every one had to be looked through. I soon discovered that the surface space wasn't enough for everything to be laid out at once, so I adapted. Seeing enough "like" items together (in this case, enough of the same size), I boxed a few of them up and kept going. Sorting like items together helps you visualize how much you actually have and what might be the best way to store or display the things you want to use. In this case, we restocked the bra dresser (not pictured) and gently packed the rest for storage.

halfway done, bras all over the tables

Here I am halfway through the project. You can see a couple of the boxes next to me (There are 5, but I can only spot 2 behind the tables.) and the surface space I was working with. Sorting is only part of the process. Purging is equally important. Space is limited, so we have to decide what to keep. All of these bras are for the clients of Dress For Success, so they all get to stay. The hangers are another story. Since the bras live in a dresser, there's no need to keep the bulky extra plastic, so into the trash they went. Jamming to a couple playlists on Spotify (my clients are often great DJs), victory felt close at hand.

By Jove, we did it! Not only are all the bras restocked, sorted, boxed, and labeled (a crucial step not to be overlooked- how else will you know how to find what you need when you need it?), but the trash was taken out and the tables were wiped down and put away. HOORAY! The only thing left is to take the boxes to the storage unit.

Finished! 18 boxes of sorted and labeled bras.

30 mystery boxes are now 18 sorted and labeled boxes. The boutique feels more open and it's easier to breathe. Aahhh, what a relief!

Finished! Hugging 18 boxes of sorted and labeled bras.

How do you celebrate when you complete a project? Apparently, I hug the results.

#organizing #steps #projects

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