Home Office Spotlight: Follow-up

I did it! Mostly.

What worked:

- Decluttering and filing took less time than I thought it would. I set 30 minutes for my boring admin stuff and got more done that I expected. It's still not finished, but it never is.

- I changed my inbox/outbox situation so it's easier for me to use. Before, I had my outbox underneath my inbox and never took anything to where it needed to go. Now it's on the end table by the office door, so I can take something with me on my way out. Sweet!

- My desk has clear surface space for me to work on and for me to rest my eyes when I feel bogged down. Just my two active to-do lists are on the desk now.

- My business cards are sorted, purged, and put away in my lil business card filing cabinet.

What didn't work:

- While I did get rid of the things I don't need, I did add things that I don't need. There is some stuff that my partner put on the shelves and floor to get them out of the way for the housewarming party we had last weekend. They're not in my way, but they do need to have decisions made about them.

- Also, the shelves are still up on the wall, blocking the space for art.

Since I'm heading off to the NAPO Conference this afternoon (OMG YAY!), I won't have time to finish up the details of the office this week. But rest assured, I'm happy with my progress and motivated to continue.

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