Home Office Spotlight

Well here I am in my new home office. It's mostly set up the way I want it, but it feels cluttered and desperately needs some art. Today you'll get the "before" pictures and next week you'll get to see "better". (Because what really is "after" anyway? I got this idea from the inspiring Fay Wolf at the NAPO conference last year.)


The first thing I'm going to do is put away the food stuff. I'm done with it and it doesn't live here.

Next I'll probably address the piles that are mostly sorted in my inbox and on my desk. I just need to file a bunch of things and finish up some admin stuff. Boring but necessary. I'll allow myself 30 minutes to follow through with it so I don't get stuck. No matter what my progress is at that point, I'll move on to the next thing. I can come back to it again for another 30-minute focus burst if it isn't finished.

I like my surroundings to be beautiful and to inspire thought, creativity, and motion. I'll enlist the help of my partner to take down the shelves I don't need (pretty much all of them) and then we'll go through our art collection and pick out some good stuff to hang. I've already got two pieces picked out that used to hang above my desk in my old apartment.

As I go through these steps, I'll get rid of or move the things that aren't necessary in here, like that lamp on the floor. I'm excited to show off my results next week! Oh boy, that means I actually have a due date. No pressure!

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