What Do I Do With It? Recycling and Donation Options

So you’ve decided to get rid of some clutter. Hooray! There will be so much more room in your home to breathe! But you don’t want to just trash everything and you want to see it go to a good home. We’ve got enough in our landfills, after all.

If you’re looking to recycle something, check Recycle Nation, especially if your neighborhood doesn’t offer recycling pickup. You can search your zip code for whatever material you’d like to recycle (be it paper, plastic, electronics, hazardous materials, and so on) and it will tell you your local options for pickup or drop-off. It’s an amazing free resource and I highly recommend it.

But what if you want to donate things too? First, check to see if it’s damaged. Ask yourself if you’d buy it if you saw it in a store as it is. If the answer is yes and it’s in good condition, here are a few of my favorite places to donate:

  • Back home MD/DC/VA favorites:

  • Purple Heart picks up clothing and household items.

  • A Wider Circle picks up furniture donations and provides them to women and families in need.

  • OKC favorites:

  • Habitat For Humanity is a well-known nationwide organization and the Central Oklahoma branch is a wonderful local resource. Their ReStore will use large household items like furniture, appliances, cabinets, etc. to furnish the decent, affordable homes they build. They offer both pick-up and drop-off services for donations.

  • Dress For Success accepts women’s professional attire and matches them with women who are working to gain financial independence and secure employment. Donations are accepted on Fridays from 9-4. As a national organization, Dress For Success has locations all over the country, but the OKC location is dear to me and I volunteer there.

  • When in doubt, there’s always Goodwill:

  • Goodwill is a national organization with many locations that, while for-profit, does take a wide range of donations and offers a tax receipt for your contributions. They make it easy with their Give Back Box program. You can print a shipping label and ship your donations to Goodwill for free.

​For my hands-on organizing clients, I take donations to the nearest drop-off location of my choice, which ends up being one of the above, and give the tax receipt to my clients. This takes one more thing off my clients’ plate and is something they don’t have to worry about after our sessions. I’ll take anything that will fit in my Soul. The Kia one, not the immortal one.

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