Uncluttered Gifts

When shopping for someone this holiday season, give the gift of not having clutter with a few of these ideas:

- Experiences like dinner or a game night at your place, gift certificates for a massage or chiropractic adjustment (my own chiropractor, Dr. Melena Keeth at InBalance Chiropractic and Wellness​, will crack you up) - Something with a limited lifespan like food or flowers - Something practical to be done for them like getting their windows washed (my buddy Israel Hogue​, The Window Washer, is the guy for that, y'all) or getting their car detailed so there is one less thing on their to-do list - Digital gifts like a one-year subscription to a music or video streaming service (I love Spotify, personally)

Whatever you do this season, do it with love and light.

#organizing #declutter #giftideas #holidayseason

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