Chores Jar 2 - The Chorening

If you'll remember last week, I started a new project at home to stay on top of chores and it's been working well for me so far! I've got a jar with light blue and dark blue pieces of paper and I pull 2 light ones and 1 dark one each day. The light ones have my daily chores and the dark ones have my weekly chores.

I like it! Here are the good things:

- It's flexible with my schedule

- It's forgiving when I miss something. I can just roll that chore over to the next day.

- The colors and the cute jar make it fun to use.

- I added things I enjoy doing, like coloring and reading, so it's easier to do the less fun things, like sweeping. Ugh.

- I threw in some exercise because why not?

Here's what can be improved:

- One of my daily chores can definitely become a weekly chore. Getting every single surface clean is more time-consuming than I anticipated.

- I need a better way to display the papers of the day. Something quick and easy to access.

- This needs a new name! Chores are dull. How about "bonus points"? "Git 'er done"? "Mystery quests?" Let me know what you'd call yours!

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