Chores Jar! (More Thrilling Name Next Week)

Cleaning and organizing are different things, but it is so much easier to put things where they belong when your space is clean and clutter-free.

My friend Linda gave me a great suggestion recently. Starting today, I'm going to use a chores jar! (In all likelihood I'll change the name to something that sounds fun so I'll actually do it.) I haven't really had a system to stay on top of cleaning, so this will be fun to try out! One color of paper for monthly chores, and another for daily chores. I'll draw 2 daily and 1 monthly per day and get through my whole list before I know it. Manageable chunks- that's how I roll.

I want to know your methods for getting chores done. Do you assign tasks to certain days? Do you let it all go until you manically clean the whole place? Do you hire someone to do it for you? Let me know in the comments!

Aaand I forgot to shoot in landscape again. Whoops! (Remember that imperfection video? Yeah, I'm still imperfect.)

#organizing #habits #newthing #chores

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