Trouble With Your Budget? There's an App for That.

It's the wee hours of Friday morning and I'm doing Thursday's post right now. Sometimes life keeps you busy and you pull an all-nighter. Let's go, caffeine!

I've just signed up for YNAB - You Need A Budget. It's organizing, but for your money! They have a 34-day free trial and I'm going to give this thing a shot and see if it's something I'd recommend to you guys. I'm already leaning toward yes. My friend Marie recommended it to me and showed me her own setup while we geeked out about its simplicity and habit-forming structure. Plus it's accessible from desktop and mobile.

I'm excited to see what I learn from using this tool and share it with you! I've tried other money tracking programs before and have created my own spreadsheets with little long-term success. This seems much more like what I've been looking for - a way to apply the envelope budgeting method electronically. Every dollar is given a job and it's easy to move money from one category to another if necessary. That, and a guide to more responsible budgeting.

I'll give y'all an update with pros and cons after my free trial is up. Will I continue with it and buy a subscription, or will I move on to the next thing? Only time will tell.

#money #newthing #habits #organizing #goalsetting

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