Lions and Tigers and Taxes, Oh My!

Last year around this time (actually, at the beginning of April), I sat down to finally do my gorram taxes. Disheveled, unshowered, and in my pajamas (as pictured), I banged my head against my desk until they were done. Tears were shed, payments were made, and a curse was let loose upon the whole dang system.

This year, terrified of a repeat performance of last year, I sat down with a CPA. Not only do I still have that delightful self-employment tax, but I have tax records in both Maryland and Oklahoma to contend with. I tell my clients that it's okay to ask for help, and it's about time I took my own advice. Having someone experienced who knows what they're doing is an enormous relief to me. I feel lighter knowing that I'm in good hands. This service is well worth the fee. Plus, I get to write it off on my taxes for 2016!

If you're looking at your taxes with dread, I always recommend breaking large tasks into manageable chunks. Little things like compiling your documents in one place, getting the software or scheduling an appointment with a CPA, and finishing up your bookkeeping (if you're self-employed) are all things you can schedule for yourself between now and April. Write down your steps and cross them off as you go. It'll keep you motivated and on track.

Benefits of getting your taxes done sooner rather than later:

- You don't have to worry about them over a longer period of time.

- You'll get your refund faster, or you'll have more time to pay what you owe.

- Your victory dance will be so glorious that songs will be sung for ages to come.

#taxes #steps

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