Gratitude Journal

I was inspired by a post from Neil deGrasse Tyson and seeing the prevalence of a gratitude jar or journal in my Facebook feed. Each day, I write 3 different things:

1. One new thing I'm grateful for. No repeats! There is plenty to pick from every day, even if it's just a warm bed or a mostly functional body.

2. One new thing I've learned that day. It's good to work those brain muscles and fun to collect new bits of knowledge.

3. One way I've made the world a better place for someone else. This could be as simple as giving a friend a hug or sending a thoughtful text.

Writing in this journal keeps me focused on the positive, and I start the day thinking about what I'll put in my journal before bed. It builds the habit of a positive mindset and gives me a power-up when I need to remind myself that the "negative voice" is wrong.

Today, I'm grateful for a full agenda that leads me down the path I want to be on. What are you grateful for?

#habits #mindset

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