But Why?

Welcome to Untangle's first blog post! I'd love to share insights and helpful perspectives with you each week. Ready?

When I was growing up, "Why?" was always my favorite question. The only way I would do something is if I understood, and agreed with, why I should do it. Why can’t I touch the stove? Because I’ll get hurt? Oh, okay. I'll keep my hands off. Why do I need to organize my backpack? Because I won’t lose things and stress out? Oh, okay. I’ll use folders and labels... and still doodle.

I still ask myself, "Why?" when presented with a challenge or choice. Why am I doing what I'm doing? What good does this do? Will it get me closer to my goals? What are my goals, anyway? (Why are my goals, anyway?)

Aye, there's the rub.

It helps if I give myself space to breathe and think about what my goals are. Then I can work backward. Once I know what it is I truly want, I can figure out the steps it takes to get there. I may need to reach out for help to pin down precise steps, but at least I'll have a general guideline for what's beneficial and what's not. Then I’ll schedule these steps into my calendar and stick to them like I’d stick to any appointment.

Recently for me, my struggle has been finding a work/life balance. I need more "me-time" for seeing friends, geeking out with movies, and coloring. I also need to set aside regular time for some of the more mundane admin work of running a business. And I need to set limits on my time so I don't overextend myself in one area or another. So now I've got my calendar open and some scrap paper handy and I'm ready to play around with narrowing down my steps and defining when I'll do them.

But pobody’s nerfect! Life undoes things. Sometimes something comes up and we touch the stove or just shove papers wherever they’ll fit. Backsliding happens to everyone, and that’s okay. Let it act as a reminder: it may be time to sit down again and revisit your goals and steps to reach them.

#goalsetting #helpfulquestions

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