About Lea Gallagher

Learning to Untangle:

Origin Story: For me, organizing started out as a way to process stress and create a calm space so I could sit with my thoughts in peace. Untangling the knots in my space went hand in hand with untangling the knots in my head. Growing up with divorced parents and shared custody meant I really had to have my stuff together if I was going to switch houses every week.


I’m constantly inspired by my mother’s organization of her own projects-- binders and labels and spreadsheets, oh my! Even as a child, the act of sorting, assigning homes, and stepping back to admire the results was so satisfying that I began to branch out and organize things for my family and friends for fun. Seeing them happy with the outcome was like icing on the cake. And icing is quite possibly my favorite part of cake.


Leveling Up: One of the most enjoyable aspects of anywhere I’ve worked (be it in a biology lab, office, or art studio) has been organizing the space and materials, making them easier to use, efficient, and visually pleasing. Working with others taught me how to adapt different organizing methods to their individual needs and thinking styles. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. As a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) since 2014, I have the joy and privilege to learn from other professionals in the industry as I continue to add to my skill tree. Attending the annual conference is inspiring and I love bringing all that knowledge to my clients.

I've found my dream job. I get to help people while doing something I love.

Side Quests: I share my life with my partner and our imaginary-for-now corgi until we meet the right one to add to our family. I enjoy movies, sci-fi, a constant stream of music, all kinds of gaming, reading, hiking, and watching roller derby.

photo by Eckley Images

We can do it!

My Philosophy:


  • Knowledge is power! It is my mission to empower my clients by teaching organizational skills and providing relevant resources.

  • I strongly resonate with Voltaire's aphorism, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” There’s no pressure to make your home look like it’s photoshoot-ready for a magazine spread. If your space brings you joy, then I call that a win! Let's be recovering perfectionists together.

  • I practice a non-judgemental approach and adhere to NAPO’s code of ethics. I take client confidentiality seriously and respect your privacy.

photo by Lea Gallagher